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Germany - Dismantling two Frigoscandia GyroCompact GC42 Spiral Freezers

Our partner asked us to complete the dismantling of these two Frigoscandia GC42 Spiral Freezers over the course of two weekends,  without disturbing their ongoing production. Due to our know-how and experience, the IF dismantling team worked efficiently to remove ev…

Germany - Dismantling Frigoscandia M7 Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia / JBT Foodtech M7 Spiral Freezer

This used Frigoscandia M7 was in excellent condition when Industrial Freezing purchased the freezing equipment in the summer of 2019. The disassembly of this popular Frigoscandia spiral freezer, which is favoured amongst a variety of food producers, has been strategically deployed so that we could transport the freezer to o…

Luxembourg - Frigoscandia GCM106 Spiral Freezer

This Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT M106–08–36–40 EE CCR Spiral Freezer was the first of four Frigoscandia spiral freezers
that Industrial Freezing® dismantled at a former convenience food production location in Luxembourg.
These freezers were used for the processing of several different dough products and ready-meals.

The GCM 106 Spiral Freezer comes with a self-stacking…

Four Frigoscandia Spiral Freezers in Luxembourg

These four spiral freezers are currently being removed from its previous location in Luxembourg, where they have been used for the processing of several different dough products, like pasta, and other convenience food products. These freezers will be ready for re-installation (and re-built according to our INDUSTRIAL FREEZING ® European registered standards) in the near future

Germany - Frigoscandia GCM7 Spiral Freezer

This extremely well-maintained 2013 Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT M7 Spiral Freezer is the latest addition to our pre-owned freezer range. It has been used for freezing freshly baked bread and contains all the best Frigoscandia technology, including the FRIGoBELT® NOVA self-stacking belt.

Because a freezer like this one has to be taken out in near mint condition, it requires a special approac…


First and foremost, it is up to the Industrial Freezing® purchasing team to conclude an agreement with a supplier about the purchase of a used installation. After the purchasing contract is signed by both parties, the planning phase for the Industrial Freezing® dismantling team starts.

We start off with a visit on location with the project coordinator and dismantling foreman. Here, we carefully observe the location, the production environment and all electrical cabling. We thoroughly inspect the installation itself and photos are being taken. The first sketch of an action plan is ready. Returning to the office, we allocate our people, dismantling equipment and transport. The project plan will be prepared, as well as the health and safety plan for the job on location.

“At Industrial Freezing®, we believe that good preparation is half the job.”

We believe that a safe execution is the most important factor in the process. The Industrial Freezing® dismantling team adheres to our own comprehensive health and safety rules, while abiding to the house rules of the client at the same time. Our dismantling foreman supervises the job and ensures everything is proceeding according to the plan.

We ensure limited disruption in the current production process, if at all. Our technicians are disassembling and installing various types of cooling and freezing installations on a daily basis, in both our own workshop and on location. Matchmarking ensures we know exactly which parts go where and ensures a flawless installation in the future, especially after overhauling the complete installation. Go to our Repairing project page to learn more about how we overhaul our freezing and cooling equipment.

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