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About Plate Freezing Systems

Plate freezing technology offers a range of benefits for block freezing of raw and packaged goods through direct contact heat convection. When you want to freeze large quantities of products extremely fast, we recommend one of our pre-owned plate freezers. The stainless-steel of the freezer exterior/interior ensures optimal hygiene in your processing facility.

Buying plate freezers from Industrial Freezing

Industrial Freezing B.V. is an initiative of several international stakeholders that have been operational in this particular industry for years. We know plate freezing technology. When you are looking for a plate freezer, or if you just want to be advised on which freezer suits your production best, Industrial Freezing B.V. is committed to help find you the most efficient freezing approach.

Outstanding quality and service

We are devoted to delivering you the quality machine you are looking for. Just like with any food processing equipment, the purchase of freezing equipment should be a sustainable option. Industrial Freezing BV ensures that the pre-owned industrial freezer equipment you need is affordable and has been well-maintained. We understand that with food processing, quality, durability and hygiene are crucial factors that need to be taken seriously in the decision process of buying a freezing system.

Industrial Freezing B.V. works with experts in freezing technologies. All freezing systems in our workshop-showroom have been checked for wear and tear of different parts and potential faults in the software. Everything that is even slightly out of place, will be revised. This is how we can ensure you receive the high-quality system that you are looking for. After your purchase, Industrial Freezing continues to offer you the service that you need, and looks after your plate freezer with care. We supply you with a new maintenance manual, along with everything you need to keep your plate freezer in the best possible working state.

Complete solutions

You need a freezing system. You want that it runs properly. You want a freezing system that covers your whole production process, without having to worry about the durability of the system. Industrial Freezing offers complete solutions for your purchase. Next to installing your new plate freezer, we make sure your system stays in good condition through the years. We supply spare parts, provide maintenance and advise you in how to use your recently purchased plate freezer.

Honesty and transparency

Industrial Freezing B.V. works with a passion for freezing technologies. We are honest. We are transparent. We do what we are good at, and support you in upscaling your production process with a no-nonsense attitude.

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