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About Used Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

Due to the many years of experience that we have in supplying used industrial refrigeration technology, we are convinced that a large part of the available cooling equipment is still very useful for a "second life" in the industry. The scrapping of old refrigeration machines is harmful to the environment and new machines cost increasingly scarce raw materials and a large amount of energy. By supplying high-end pre-owned industrial refrigeration equipment we contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

As a specialist in the purchase of refrigeration equipment including reciprocating compressors or screw compressors, Industrial Freezing® advises her customers on the available refrigeration equipment from a single refrigeration machine to complete installations or processes. This refrigeration equipment is available on an 'as is' basis or the compressors and other equipment can be overhauled by our skilled technicians or one of our partners. We will advise you extensively so that you can make the right choice for what suits you best. Click here see what we currently have in stock.

Who are we and what can we do for you?

Industrial Freezing® is a young and dynamic company in the field of used refrigeration equipment, mainly for industrial refrigeration applications. However, you can also contact us for commercial refrigeration purposes. Click here to read more about our vision and mission.

We have a large warehouse with a workshop of approximately 15,000 m² in Middelbeers, which is a 20-minute drive from Eindhoven airport. On this location, have a remarkably substantial stock of various industrial cooling machines. Each machine is fully checked after purchase and prepared for reuse.

We operate worldwide in the trade of used industrial refrigeration equipment.

  •   • We buy your industrial refrigeration equipment

Not only do we sell used cooling machines, but we are also interested in buying your industrial cooling equipment from you if, for example, you have a cooling installation left over, your organisation is moving locations or if your current installation is being replaced.

If desired, we can take care of the dismantling of your cooling or freezer installation. We have qualified personnel, all necessary certificates and, of course, the necessary experience to do this in a safe and professional manner in accordance with all current legislation. Naturally, we can also take on the complete project organization to remove and transport the entire installation. We are happy to visit your location and work with you to create an all-inclusive offer for the project.

If you would like to offer us your equipment, please send an email to, or click here to upload your pictures and information to our website.

  •   • We sell piston and screw refrigeration compressors

So, if are you looking for a piston refrigeration compressors or screw compressor from the brand: Sabroe, Grasso, Mycom, Carrier, Bock, Bitzer, Daikin, Gram, Trane, Stal, Frick, York etc.

Evaporators, coolers, Condensers, dry coolers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, liquid storage vessel, separator vessel, HP vessel or floats from the brands Evapco, Baltimore, Helpman, WITT, HB poducts, Guentner / Güntner, GEA Goedhart, Alfa Laval, Climaveneta, Delta, ECO, Friga Bohn, Koma, Kuba, Liebert, Lu-Ve, Luvata, Searle or Thermofin, or any other brand, let us know and we'll see how we can help you.

If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we always have the option to offer you new refrigeration equipment at competitive prices.

What else can we supply?

Refrigeration Compressor Spare Parts

Industrial Freezing also supplies original spare parts for compressors at the lowest possible prices. We are leading supplier and exporter of spare parts for compressors such as Sabroe, Grasso, Carrier, Bitzer, Stal, York, Mycom, Gram, etc.

The spare parts include connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing and bushings, CR bearing, main bearing, crossbar / small end bushing, crosshead shoe, crosshead guide, crosshead, crosshead nuts, crosshead pins, piston, piston rods, piston nuts, piston rings, wear rings, oil scraper rings, cylinders, suction and discharge valves and their internals, valve plates, spring plates, springs, o-rings and gaskets, air filters, oil seals, oil filters, cylinder heads, air oil separators, frame heads, outer heads, spacers, main bearing housing, tube bundle assembly, aftercooler intercoolers, oil cooler. Check Valve [Check Valve] Safety Valves, Air Receiver [Air Storage Tank] We can also supply Crankshaft Bolts, Fasteners and Sheet Metal Parts, Nuts, Bolts, Tie Rods and Pins and Bushings, Studs, Connecting Rod Bolts, Cylinder Head Bolts, T Bolts and Foundation Bolts, Spacers, Adapters, Set Screws and many more Lake.

Refrigeration Controls & Valves / Refrigeration Controls & Valves Parts

Of course, refrigeration installations not only consist of main components such as compressors and evaporators, etc., but also require line components for proper operation. Industrial Freezing can also supply you with these at the lowest possible prices. Danfoss and RFF have in our delivery program the SNV - Stop Needle Valve, SCA - Stop cum Check Valve, FIA - Filters series,

REG - Regulating Valves, DSV - Double Stop Valve, SV - Float Valve, ICF Valves, GDA - Gas Detector, TEA - Thermostatic Expansion Valve, SVA - Flexi Line Stop Valve, AKS - Liquid Level Sensor, AKS - Liquid Level Sensor, FA - Strainer, FA - Strainer, STC - Angle Shut off Valve, STC - Angle Shut off Valve, AKS - Electrical Float Switch, CHV - Check Valve, CHV - Check Valve, ICS Main Valve, SFA - Safety Valve, ICLX - Single / 2 Step Solenoid Valves, QDV - Quick Closing Oil Valve, EVRA - Solenoid Valves, EVR - Solenoid Valves, NRVA - Check Valves, SV - Liquil Level Controller, ICM - Motorized Control Valves, SFV - Safety Valve, Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter, LLG - Liquid Level Glasses.

Refrigeration Pressure Gauges

We offer pressure and temperature gauges for various refrigerants such as ammonia, freon (R12 / 22 / 134a / R404a etc.). We also offer original meters for Sabroe / Grasso compressors and various other compressors.

Outstanding quality and service

We are devoted to delivering you the quality machine you are looking for. Just like with any food processing equipment, the lifetime of refrigeration equipment must be durable. Industrial Freezing BV ensures that the pre-owned industrial refrigeration equipment you need is affordable and has been well-maintained. We understand that with food processing, quality, durability and hygiene are crucial factors that need to be taken seriously in the decision process of buying these installations.

Industrial Freezing B.V. works with experts in cooling technologies. All cooling systems in our workshop-showroom have been checked for wear and tear of different parts and potential faults in the software. Parts that are out of place will be revised or replaced. This is how we can ensure you receive the high-quality system that you are looking for. After your purchase, Industrial Freezing continues to offer you the service that you need, and looks after your refrigeration system with care. We will advise you with everything you need to know to keep your cooling equipment in the best possible working state.

Honesty and transparency

Industrial Freezing B.V. works with a passion for freezing and cooling technologies. We are honest. We are transparent. We do what we are good at, and support you in upscaling your production process with a no-nonsense attitude.

Contact us for your specific needs and wishes.

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