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Refrigeration Solutions for the Food Industry

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Industrial FreezingĀ® Refrigeration Solutions for the Food Industry

As a leading supplier in pre-owned freezing equipment, Industrial Freezing is able to support her clients in the food industry by offering complementary pre-owned refrigeration packages. These refrigeration packages can be supplied in addition to the freezing equipment as a complete solution, however we also provide screw cooling compressors and reciprocating cooling compressors and containerized refrigeration solutions as separate products.

Most common applications

Industrial cooling equipment for the food industry is mostly used for maintaining taste and texture, a pro-longed product shelf life, or controlling a fermentation process under the right circumstances. Industrial FreezingĀ® can provide a suitable solution that meets your requirements.
Typical applications we support

Meat and poultry: For meat processing until distribution, we can help you with finding a solution that suits your capacity and help increase process productivity and food safety. Because of our expertise in this industry, we can help you tackle any problems with cost-efficient solutions.

Bakery and pastries: We offer a significant number of freezing and chilling options for industrial bakeries. In addition to the traditional cooling of products and the production environment, we can also offer solutions for pre-baked products and semi-finished products.

Fruit and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are traded worldwide in modern society, due to the latest industrial refrigeration and freezing technologies. Support your market grown by extending the product shelf life using the right freezing and/or refrigeration system.

Food manufacturing and processing: A rising demand for ready meals and frozen produce are coupled with increased food safety and sustainability standards. Our team of experts is able to supply you with comprehensive information about the right freezing and refrigeration technology for your production process.

It is our aim to help our partners progress in food production and processing techniques.

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