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Buying Single- and Two-Stage Reciprocating Compressors Packages from Industrial FreezingĀ®

The Single- and two-stage reciprocating refrigeration compressor is a type of compressor commonly used in many different industrial environments. At Industrial FreezingĀ® we can make sure that you are supplied with the compressor that meets your application requirements. We have a specialist team available to answer all your questions and supply you with the information you need in terms of capacity, pressure, what type of reciprocating compressor (one-stage or two-stage) design conditions or efficient operation application is best for you, etc. If you need a rotary screw compressor, follow this link.

Reciprocating compressor technology

Another name for the reciprocating compressor is the piston compressor. It consists out of a motor, a crankshaft and some pistons. Through back and forth piston movements, a vaporized refrigerant is being compressed. Then, the motor creates a rotating movement of the crankshaft, which pushes the pistons in return. Every rotation means: suction, compression and discharge. As a result, gas displacement is discontinuous and causes vibration. The capacity of the compressor is the amount of gas that is pumped by the compressor.

The open drive or semi-hermetic 2-stage reciprocating compressors are optimised for the low temperature refrigeration range. With the optional liquid sub cooler, they significantly increase the cooling capacity and efficiency of the entire system. Motors can be attached to the two-stage-compressor via coupling housing or belt drive.

Used reciprocating compressors

Buying a used reciprocating cooling compressor may be bought for cost-effective reasons and is a suitable investment for many factories. Resources can be saved or spent elsewhere, when you invest in in a high-quality, pre-owned but overhauled reciprocating compressor. Similarly, time is saved by purchasing a used compressor that is already tested and ready to be shipped immediately.

Advantages of reciprocating compressors

Reciprocating compressors are less expensive than rotary screw compressors. Reciprocating compressors come with very simple maintenance, and they have the capability to provide high pressures and high powers. Another benefit is the possibility to locate the reciprocating compressor close to the point-of-use, which in returns avoids lengthy piping runs and pressure drops. Reciprocating compressors come with a long product life, when well maintained.

Our team of experts is able to supply you with comprehensive information about the right refrigeration technology for your production process.

It is our aim to help our partners progress in food production and processing techniques.

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