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Buying Screw Compressors from Industrial Freezing®

The rotary screw compressor unit is essential in many industries. By purchasing your screw compressor from Industrial Freezing®, you can be sure to receive the machine you actually need for your application. Our team of specialists will work with you to ensure that the screw compressor you buy is in line with what you need, in terms of capacity, design conditions, efficient operation etc. If you need a reciprocating compressor, we provide more information about that on this page

Screw compressor technology for the food industry

Rotary screw compressors are a type of refrigeration compressors that can supply the requirements of virtually any refrigeration plant or system, either as standard or in specially customised configurations. There is a choice of several models and sizes, covering capacities between 200 and 10,000 m³/h swept volume. Male and female rotors are spinning in opposite directions, resulting in a decrease in space between rotors and their housing, thus resulting in gas compression. These compressor units can be used with all the most common refrigerants and process gases, and all the components are selected for good accessibility and ease of service, ensuring cost-effective maintenance. We can help you decide on the screw compressor that you need, depending on the types and amount of industrial equipment that may be present in your factory.

Used screw compressors

Buying a used screw compressor is an incredible cost-efficient investment for most industrial companies. Resources can be saved or spent elsewhere by investing in a high-quality, pre-owned but overhauled screw compressor. Similarly, time is saved by purchasing a used compressor that is already tested and ready to be shipped immediately. When ordering a new screw compressor directly from the manufacturer, it can take up to 6 weeks before it is ready for delivery and installation. Finally, a used screw compressor already passed the “break in test”, and manufacturing defects are non-existent any longer.

Advantages of screw compressors

Rotary screw refrigeration compressors contain one of the highest technological advance in refrigeration technology on todays’ market. Because of its economical design, screw compressors are able to run in a more economical, clean and quieter way, compared to other types of compressors. With the right maintenance, it can run up to 40,000 hours before it requires larger repairs to the screw compressor and motor.

Our team of experts is able to supply you with comprehensive information about the right refrigeration technology for your production process.

It is our aim to help our partners progress in food production and processing techniques.

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