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Serbia - GyroCompact GC76-08-30-22 NS CR

September 2023 Completely frame up refurbished with only a 4 week turn around. New evaporator coil, new electrics throughout and pre-wired for installation on site, new electrical switchbox running the generic IF operating program through a Siemens TOUCH screen, Full CIP.   Currently en route to Serbia for installation under IF supervision with new insulation housing from IlkaZell Germany

Scotland - Frigoscandia GyroCompact GCM58-08-32-14 NS

Thistle Seafoods in Scotland will shortly be taking delivery of this frame up refurbished Frigoscandia GyroCompact GCM58-08-32-14 NS with our latest in-house operating program using Siemens TOUCH controls. Complete with a stainless steel pumped Ammonia coil.

The Netherlands - Frigoscandia GyroCompact GC76-08-40-22

Frame up refurbished complete with installation and start up at one of The Netherlands leading snack food producers. Complete with new stainless steel evaporator coil as per the customer requirements and our new in-house design program with on-line monitoring using a Siemens TOUCH control.

South Africa - Heinen Spiral Freezer

Great news! This Heinen Arctic A7 spiral freezer was dismantled in Italy by the IF dismantling team, refurbished by the IF team at our Middelbeers facility and is now helping New Era in South Africa produce up to 4000Kgs/hr of chicken feet of the highest quality. Great working together with Alberto De Cecco the owner and founder of New Era. Wishing Alberto and his team continued success in the …

Sweden - Tight squeeze........Frigoscandia GC42 Spiral Freezer

Due to its compact size, we were able to fit this GC42 on just one trailer. This Frigoscandia GC42 is starting its new life at our customer in Sweden. Here, this spiralfreezer had to be unloaded onto small rollers, and rolled through the entire factory by hand. After turning the freezer through six right angle (90 degrees) corners, the freezer was finally in the right place.


Optimizing Spiral Freezer Efficiency: IF SnowBlaster®


with our self-developed IF SnowBlaster® 

We are very grateful to the IF team for the development of this upgrade to help you optimize the efficiency of your spiral freezer! Does snow build-up…

Russia - Frigoscandia GCM6 Spiral Freezer to Russia

A big shout out to the Industrial Freezing team, as they have been working hard in the heat of the 2020 summer to prepare this Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT M6 Spiral Freezer.

This freezing system has been completely revised and will be delivered with a brand-new stainless steel ammonia coil to our valued customers in Russia. The brand-new coil stainless steel ammonia coil does not only l…

Ireland - Frigoscandia GC400 Spiral Freezer

Industrial Freezing is proud to supply one of Irelands leading fish processing companies with a Frigoscandia GC400 Spiral Freezer, complete with ADF (Air Defrosting System) and CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) and skid mounted twin Bitzer refrigeration package, completely overhauled.

The complete combination fits perfectly in just 1 truck.

Our sales team has spoken: "We are extremely pr…

Russia - Frigoscandia GCM7 Spiral Freezer to Russia

Russia - Frigoscandia GCM7 Spiral Freezer on the way to one of our customers.

Egypt - Frigoscandia GC600

The INDUSTRIAL FREEZING ® team proudly supplies this refurbished Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT ® GC600 to Cairo, Egypt. This system will now be used in a new convenience food production facility. This GC600 has been completeley overhauled in our Workshop – Showroom facility in Middelbeers (NL), always according to our INDUSTRIAL FREEZING ® European Registered standards. Are you interested i…

Denmark - Two Frigoscandia GC42 Spiral Freezers

In the summer of 2019, we installed 2 refurbished Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® Spiral Freezing systems at SU'VI:T in Nyborg, Denmark. These systems are now in use for the production of high quality burgers and meatballs. These two spiral freezers have been completeley overhauled in our Workshop – Showroom facility in Middelbeers (NL). Are you interested in one of our refurbished freezing s…


Prior to installing a freezer, it is up to our customer together with our sales department to finalize the sales contract, including the payment and delivery terms. It also determines whether our customer wants to install the freezer themselves with local mechanics or whether our specialized Industrial Freezing® installation team is desired.

So, if desired, it is up to our Industrial Freezing® installation team to take care of the assembly and installation of the (spiral) freezer and additional refrigeration equipment. After the freezer has been completely overhauled, it will be packed in wooden boxes and prepared for shipment to our customer.

Our installation team will make the right preparations and determine the type of equipment and tools that are necessary on site. Just like with any project, an action plan will be prepared, as well as a health and safety overview for the job on location, always taking into account the house rules and regulations of the customer.

The Industrial Freezing mechanics and electricians working on site will receive instructions from our technical manager, without disturbing the ongoing production on location. Matchmarking of the different parts will ensure that the installation will continue swift and smooth. The benefits of having our team install the freezer includes ensured success, plus being able to ask detailed questions about the installation and operational functions of the freezer, which is something that is valued greatly by our customers.

We are not happy until the customer is happy. When everything is rounded up and signed off, our team returns to our Workshop – Showroom in Middelbeers, where the next challenge will be waiting for us.

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