Repairing freezers before it was cool.

Industrial Freezing® has 40+ years of experience in repairing (spiral) freezers.

Spain - Frigoscandia Advantec Impingement Freezing Tunnel

Thank you to CLAVO FOOD FACTORY for your business. Final testing prior to shipping to Galicia in Northern Spain of this JBT Advantec twin lane impingement freezing tunnel for the freezing of some of the best processed shellfish products that Galicia has to offer. Ignacio (Owner) & Bernardo (Operations Manager) are a pleasure to work with. Wishing all at CLAVO continued success!

Full rebuild of Frigoscandia GyroCompact 42 spiral freezer(s)

Recently the IF team completed the full rebuild of 2 Frigoscandia GC42 spiral freezers for clients in Greece and The Philippines. The freezers were in poor condition due to low maintenance upon entering the IF workshop in Middelbeers, but our team got straight to work to produce two practically new freezers.

The freezers were both fitted with brand new electrics throughout, new Industrial…

Qatar World Cup 2022 here we come - GyroCompact GCM58

Running in the FRIGoBELT prior to final testing. This Frigoscandia GyroCompact model GCM58 will be shipped in time for installation to produce protein based snacks for the thousands of fans visiting the FIFA World Cup commencing in November in Qatar

Egypt - Quick turn around......Frigoscandia GyroCompact M7

IF approved........ Thumbs up from the IF Team

We are very proud of our dedicated IF team for continually delivering on deadlines. This Frigoscandia GyroCompact M7 was dismantled in December 2021 and is already built up and prepared for final testing before packing up and shipping to Cairo Egypt for fresh Burger production. Well done to the IF Team!

Russia - Industrial Freezing® PREMIUM overhauled

Our newest client from Russia received their recently purchased Spiral Freezer
with our Industrial Freezing® PREMIUM overhauled motors.
These motors ensure the belt drive and stacking are performed in an orderly manner.

The overhaul of the motors is not only to ensure that they have a fresh new look,
but supplying the freezer with completely checked and repaired motors wi…

Complete re-wiring of Frigoscandia M6 Spiral Freezer

The Industrial Freezing® workshop in Middelbeers (NL) is where the magic happens:

This Frigoscandia M6 Spiral Freezer has been frame-up prepared and compeletely re-wired by our team of freezer experts. Industrial Freezing® standards for repair and overhaul ensure that our clients are supplied with a pre-owned spiral freezer that will live up to their expectations.

Launch: first Industrial Freezing® Control Panel

In our Workshop - Showroom in Middelbeers, we have been working on programming our very first Industrial Freezing® IN-HOUSE designed generic control panel. This custom-made control panel will be used to navigate through the different settings such as:
- freezer temperatures
- running status
- rolling of the belt and
- the status of the different refrigeration fans.



As soon as the freezer enters our premises, we ensure thorough cleaning and sterilization. The freezers come from our trusted partners in the food industry, where hygiene is of paramount importance. Despite the fact that our disassembly team works very carefully, and all parts are packed in clean wooden boxes, the parts can get a little bit dirty due to the disassembly and transport. Consequently, cleaning is the initial part in the repairing procedure.

As soon as the freezer has been cleaned, it will receive an assigned place in our Workshop – Showroom facility in Middelbeers (NL).

Then the first inspection begins: we analyse which parts are still in good condition, which parts need maintenance, and which parts need to be replaced. Our operations manager and technical officer work in close collaboration to make sure every single inch of the freezer is inspected.

We keep a sizable range of spare parts that need replacement more often than not. Irregular replacements or custom requirements are ordered from our trustworthy local suppliers, or if possible, manufactured or programmed ourselves.

Overhauling the (spiral) freezers requires a great amount of know-how of the installation itself, the materials, but also how to best to maintain them. The freezers that we build in our showroom, as well as the freezers that are already in our stock in the wooden boxes, are carefully selected for our customers. To get to know more about how we install freezers on location, in the factories of our clients, have a look on our other project page: “Installing as new”.

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