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Who are we?

Meet Industrial Freezing

We are a dynamic, international organisation with a passion for leading-edge freezing technology.

We offer the complete solution with a no-nonsense attitude:

1. We buy and sell industrial freezing and cooling equipment.
2. We dismantle, revise and install industrial freezing and cooling equipment.
3. We take care of logistics.

Based in the Netherlands, we work together with food manufacturers worldwide.

Industrial Freezing

Our vision

Remodelling freezing processes

With years of combined experience within the world of industrial freezing, we are dedicated to making a difference for the frozen food processor. Our focus on quality and our eagerness to work together with our customers is the foundation for the further development, improvement and optimization of frozen food production.

Our mission

Setting new standards

We strive to offer an outstanding level of service and quality, which include dismantling, revising and installing pre-owned industrial freezing solutions. Through constant innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments, we at Industrial Freezing believe that we can set a new standard in the frozen food industry.
We provide high quality, value for money pre-owned industrial freezing solutions.

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