Dismantling Frigoscandia M7 Spiral Freezer in Germany

Dismantling Frigoscandia M7 Spiral Freezer in Germany

Frigoscandia / JBT Foodtech M7 Spiral Freezer

This used Frigoscandia M7 was in excellent condition when Industrial Freezing purchased the freezing equipment in the summer of 2019. The disassembly of this popular Frigoscandia spiral freezer, which is favoured amongst a variety of food producers, has been strategically deployed so that we could transport the freezer to our Workshop – Showroom safely and quickly.

Due to the strategic dismantling, such as numbering parts, collecting nuts and bolts in the right boxes and crating larger items like the belt, we can ensure that no item is lost or forgotten.

Soon after the arrival, this spiral freezer has undertaken our Industrial Freezing® frame up refurbishment program and was sold in the spring of 2020 to our satisfied customers in Russia

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