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Becoming a partner of Industrial Freezing

You don’t need to register to buy or sell freezing equipment, however, an account will allow you to communicate directly with Industrial Freezing. You will be able to collaborate, upload images and information of the products you wish to sell, receive quotations faster and stay up-to-date with Industrial Freezing’s latest offers and developments.

Go to our banner and click on the ‘sign in’ icon to register on our website. Fill in all the fields and then click on register.

When you are interested in buying or selling freezing equipment, Industrial Freezing will contact you to discuss and understand your requirements. Knowing your company helps us to give you personalized advice. In any case, all of your information is safe with us, and remains protected from third parties.

Becoming a partner of Industrial Freezing means that you are interested in our products and services. It does not obligate you to buy or sell. You can also become a partner if you are only curious or orientating.


I am interested in selling freezing equipment

In order for us to understand the equipment that you are selling, it is very important to supply us with as much information as possible. Upload images and videos at the top of the homepage, and fill out the form. Click on send.

Or click here to create an account and register. After you have uploaded images, videos and the type of freezing equipment you want to sell, our buyers will contact you to discuss the options available for purchasing the freezing or cooling equipment.

We dismantle freezers and industrial freezing equipment with the utmost care. Generally, if our professionals have access to the freezer and its surroundings, we are also able to dismantle it. Please contact us, so we can help you with a more thorough analysis.

We are interested in various standards of industrial freezing and cooling equipment, even if it is defect or damaged. Upload images and videos of your freezing equipment, let us know what is defect or damaged and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Following a successful agreement, we will ensure that your freezing equipment is dismantled professionally. We take care of logistics.


I am interested in buying freezing equipment

Our Industrial Freezing team has years of experience within the frozen food industry and will work together with you to find the best solution for your production.

Fill out the contact form explaining your production process. In order for us to have a clear understanding of the equipment that you need, it is very important to supply us with as much information as possible: e.g. what is the product, required production capacity, available production area.

To receive price information, call us or fill out the contact form on the product page.

Our advantage is the inventory we carry. Contact us immediately for the options available. Together with our qualified assembly-team we will endeavour to supply and install the industrial freezing solution you require without delay.

Your industrial freezing equipment will be prepared, packed and shipped to your location.

Upload your images or videos of freezers.