Stal SV71E

Cooling compressor

High pressure screw compressor

Brand STAL
Type SV71E-26A
Variety Screw
Year of Construction 1974
Refrigerant NH3 (R717)
kW at 0 °C / 30 °C 1682
kW at -5 °C / 30 °C 1390
kW at -10 °C / 30 °C 1390
Electromotor Brand ASEA
Electromotor Specs (Hz/kW/RPM) 50/370/2900
Electromotor Type MBD-76
Capacity control
On steel base frame
Pressure safety switches Hp/Lp/Op
Oil separator
Oil filter Yes, single oilfilter
Oil cooling Yes, Thermosiphon
Sight Glass
m3 / h 1680
Amount in stock 1

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