Frigoscandia GCM42-06-33-06 NS

Spiral Freezer

2x Frigoscandia GyroCompact GC42 in stock

These spiral freezers will be frame-up refurbished to order with:
- New insulation housing;
- New floor;
- New vertical and horizontal wear strips;
- New electrics;
- Overhauled wagon drives, wheels, bearings, etc.
- Overhauled main drive, gearbox, etc. 

Brand Frigoscandia
Type GYRoCompact GC42-06-33-06 NS
Model North-South, Counter Clockwise Rotation
Tiers 33 effective tiers
Product gap max. 45 mm
Link height 60 mm
Length per tier 6,8 m
Belt width 420 mm
Belt length 221 m
Refrigerant Ammonia
Cooling power max. 96 kW
Evaporator 600m2
Dimensions 5400mm x 2400mm x 3000mm

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