Hemken WF19-24-1

Spiral Freezer

Hemken WF19 spiral freezer

Hemken spiral freezer previously used for fried Turkey Schnitzel production

Brand Hemken
Type WF19-24-1
Model North-South, Counter Clockwise Rotation
Year of Construction 2002
Tiers 16 pcs.
Product gap 100 mm
Link height 25 mm
Belt width Gross: 609 mm / Nett: 535 mm
Belt length 218,5 m (usable)
Capacity 500 Kg/h on 180 gr. fried Turkey fillet
Infeed height 800 mm
Outfeed height 3300 mm
Refrigerant R404a (Possible to change over to other refrigerant)
Cooling power 130 kW
Number of fans 4
Dimensions 8250 mm x 6000 mm x 4500 mm

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