Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE MX102

Flow freezer

Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE

IQF/Flow Freezer used to Individually Quick Freeze smaller food products such as: peas, diced fruits/vegetables, french fries etc.

Including Air Defrost System (ADF), Inlcuding CIP cleaning system, Including Siemens Simatic touch panel.

The stainless steel belt has been renewed recently and has few running hours.

The MX102 is the biggest freezer in the MX line that Frigoscandia offers.

Brand JBT Frigoscandia
Type MX102
Model MX102
Belt width 1235 mm
Belt length Twin Belt
Belt speed Variable
Capacity 6000 kg/h based on peas (infeed temp: +15 / outfeed temp: -18 celsius)
Refrigerant R717/NH3/ammonia
Cooling power 738kW
Evaporator Stainless steel / Aluminium
Number of fans 10 fans each 13.2 kW
Dimensions 12200 mm x 4700 mm x 3700 mm

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