Frigoscandia GCM7/2-12-43-31 SN CR DE

Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT M7

installed new in 2013, Stainless steel welded Floor (3 x sections), with PZC Process Zone Cleaning System, Siemens Siematic TOUCH screen Control, Stainless steel insulation housing

Product Number Manufacturing Nr. 2730075
Type GCM7/2-12-43-31 SN CR DE
Model South-North, Clockwise Rotation (Descending – Top In / Bottom Out)
Year of Construction 2013
Tiers 43 pcs. FRIGoBELT
Product gap 105 mm
Link height 120 mm
Length per tier 13.1 m, 7.7m² effective belt area per Tier (Total 331m²)
Belt width Gross: 760 mm / Nett: 715 mm
Belt length 563 m
Refrigerant R717/NH3/ammonia
Cooling power max. 496 kW
Evaporator Stainless steel coil, 3100m²

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