JBT Frigoscandia GC400

JBT GyroCompact 

GC400 Spiral Freezer

New insulation housing, access doors with heating

Product Number 937
Brand JBT Frigoscandia
Type Spiral Freezer
Model GyroCompact GC400-09-25-06 NS
Variety North South
Year of Construction 2012
Tiers 25
Product gap 75mm
Link height 90mm
Length per tier 6,8M
Belt width 420mm
Belt length 170M
Belt speed 2-18 m/min
Infeed height 560mm
Outfeed height 3000mm
Refrigerant Ammonia
Cooling power 96kW
Evaporator Stainless steel / Aluminium
Power 96kW
Number of fans 2

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