Frigoscandia GCM6/2-08-40-14 NS CR

Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT M6

This installation was running for a few years only as a chilling system for prepared meals with a size 14 evaporator coil (225kW) running on CO². Industrial Freezing will install a brand new Evaporator coil of a capacity and refrigerant medium to meet with your requirements. Including stainless steel floor.

Type GCM6/2-08-40-14 NS CR
Model North-South, Clockwise Rotation
Year of Construction 2008
Tiers 40 pcs.
Product gap 65 mm
Link height 80 mm
Lenght per tier 11,2 m
Belt width Gross: 660 mm / Nett: 615 mm
Belt lenght 450 m
Capacity 5,7m² effective belt area per Tier
Cooling power max. 224 kW
Evaporator Brand new Evaporator; coil size specifcation optional
Dimensions 8250 mm x 4350 mm x 5000 mm

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