Frigoscandia GC400-06-23-6 NS

Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 400

With CIP system (Clean In Place), Air Defrost System (ADF), Including Cooling Compressor unit with condenser (87 kW) (optional).

Product Number Manufacturing Nr. 430302
Type GC400-06-23-6 NS
Model North-South, Counter Clockwise Rotation
Year of Construction 2008
Tiers 23 pcs.
Product gap 45 mm
Link height 60 mm
Belt width Gross: 420 mm / Nett: 375 mm
Outfeed height 2250 mm
Refrigerant Freon (R404)
Cooling power Max. 96 kW
Evaporator 600 m2
Dimensions 6600 mm X 2450 mm X 2750 mm

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