Frigoscandia GCM6/2-12-24-14 DX WE CR

Spiral Freezer

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT M6

Belt area: 5,7m² per tier (total 137m²), Stainless steel floor, Central lubrication system, Stainless steel mesh belt, including evaporator, dimensions of evaporator: 3900 mm x 1800 mm x 220 mm. Including stainless steel switch cabinet with Siemens touch panel, total outside dimensions of touch panel: 1200 mm x 700 mm x 2600 mm.

Type GCM6/2-12-24-14 DX WE CR
Model West-East, Clockwise Rotation
Year of Construction 2008
Tiers 24 pcs.
Product gap 105 mm
Link height 120 mm
Length per tier 11,2 m
Belt width 620 mm
Belt length 270 m
Infeed height 900 mm
Outfeed height 3924 mm
Refrigerant R404A
Cooling power max. 224 kW
Evaporator Goedhart GCM6 STZE140U
Power 1400 m2
Dimensions 5900 mm x 6700 mm x 4700 mm

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